I'm not going to lie; I'm not the biggest fan of indie music. I am, however, a fan of discovering new music and always looking to broaden my musical horizons, and it's for this reason I find myself stood in a packed room in the upstairs of The Lexington in Angel, London.

Neils Children are just finishing up, and at this point the headline act, which is Lola Colt, take to the stage and begin collectively setting up to make sure everything is just so while the DJ raised above to the left of the stage plays out some rock rhythms.

The London six-piece are here to celebrate the launch of their latest single, 'Jackson', a clanging, sun-drenched number that is tagged as 'Desert Rock' on the band's SoundCloud page. Desert Rock or not, it's for sure that Lola Colt make for a thoroughly impressive live show as they weave together their psychedelic, soundtrack-esque set.

The band took its name from a 1967 Spaghetti Western, and in the past has told publications such as Clash that film music is something that Lola Colt is inexplicably drawn to. These sentiments are evident in tonight's performance from the band, which captivates and draws in the audience as Danish lead-singer Gun surveys the room with a hypnotic, wide eyed stare. As each song comes to an end, the applause becomes louder and more raucous.

Bathed in a suitably psychedelic lightshow courtesy of the aptly named Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow, Lola Colt light up The Lexington tonight, and with plans of a debut album for 2014 produced by Jim Sclavunos, it doesn't look like their light will fade any time soon.