Over the years, Zoë Kravitz has been involved in her fair share of music scenes. Formerly the frontwoman of Elevator Fight, the 25-year-old singer, model and actress is the new founder of Lolawolf, a Brooklyn-based band. Reputante members James Levy, Jimmy Giannopoulos and Raviv Ullman-- a.k.a. Phil from Disney's "Phil of The Future"-- complete this dream team.

Lolawolf's self-titled EP is the essence of electro-R&B with five rad tracks that are both aggressive and affectionate with a carefree attitude. It's got the chill vibes of the West Coast with the angst of an East Coaster. Opener 'Drive (Los Angeles)' gets down to business, wasting none of the listener's time as the synthesizers build suspense. "I could stare out your window / And fuck you tonight," Kravitz coos. It's one of those suggestive lines that would catch anyone off guard and knock them off their feet, but the open invitation simply cannot be declined. This pattern re-appears in the closing track 'Wanna Have Fun', a sensual song driven by Kravitz's sultry voice as she moans behind the pulsing beats. If having a fling with a song is wrong, I don't want to be right.

'What Love Is' emits a sweet aroma with sugary pop hooks as Kravitz sings about the complexity and intangibleness of falling in love. It's a plea that anyone diagnosed with lovesickness can resonate with, except for when she flips the script in the chorus and says, "I wanna know what love is/ I really hope that it's not you." The next track, 'Too Lovely' follows suit with the addition of bongo drums that vibrate from ear to ear and heavy bass drops that intensify the track. 'Chainz' pops the loudest though, igniting a '80s-themed dance party that will shimmy and shake our jaded hopes of changing someone.

Lolawolf experiments with a smorgasbord of diverse flavours on this EP, and while each track stands out on its own, all of them are perfectly laced together. From what I can hear, the EP is packaged with enough samples that people of different tastes will all want to get a lick of. The most refreshing aspect of Lolawolf is the fact that this is a band capable of garnishing high quality music from the structure of the production to the poignant lyrics that frame each song within.