Sophomore albums shouldn't really showcase a band seemingly consolidating a sound and becoming ever more comfortable in their own skin while simultaneously throwing up all kinds of questions of what their sound is, yet that's exactly what Lonely The Brave manage to do on their follow-up to 2014's The Day's War.

Things Will Matter twists its twists and turns its turns but with every playback there's a realisation that there are two different bands at work here; not literally of course but figuratively as Lonely The Brave have evenly devoted themselves to Frightened Rabbit-esque indie and rousing, arena-sized rock. Having the variety isn't the issue as the band are incredibly confident in both their skins but it feels as though there's too much musical fence-sitting on Things Will Matter and jumping off that fence in either direction would reveal some exciting, hidden depths to the band. Imagine an album that has the opportunity to explore the anthemic yet sinister identity of 'Black Mire' a little more fully.

Things Will Matter is fine as it is but it feels tantalising, as if there's something more to come from Lonely The Brave.