Artist: Death Cab For Cutie Album: We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes Link:

I’ve spoken about this record before but let’s not let that get in the way of things! This album, for me, is a nod back to my risk taking youth. It was during my ‘buy an album on the basis of the artwork’ phase, which led me to this album. In Dereham, the town I grew up in, the only way to buy CD’s was from Woolworths or a tiny store that sold instruments and slightly more alternative music than Woolworths. Which isn’t that hard to do.So one day as I was browsing through the tiny music store I came across an album that looked like it was made by an art student at Uni and was by a band with a ridiculous name. That was enough for me.

Not instantly great, this album took months to take any sort of affect on me. It was slightly more intelligent than most indie albums I’ve heard and this was the barrier I had to overcome but it was well worth the wait. With all the amazing albums Death Cab have released this may not be the fans choice but for me it means the most.

Highlight/Download: Title Track