Despite being named after a 1937 collection of poems by W H Auden, Look, Stranger! are very much a band who are looking to the future. A quick glance at their Facebook page shows their use of samplers and synths (plus a curious penchant for writing “ELECTRONIC” in block capitals before their instruments), all of which are utilised to full effect on If You’re Listening.

The two middle tracks of the EP are both perfectly fine songs: 'Look Around You' has a dreamlike quality to the vocals, and a real 80’s influenced sound reminiscent of Tears For Fears. 'Dance Away' might have a misleading title (it’s not exactly a dancefloor anthem), but it’s a nicely-rendered song. Both perfectly nice, both pretty unremarkable. However, it’s in the two tracks that start and finish the EP that Look, Stranger really shine on. The title track has a light, wistful tone, evoking images of the sun setting on a late, hazy evening, which the band punctuate with blasts of squealing guitar. Singer Tim has a nice falsetto to his voice which comes to the fore here, and there is a noticeable shift when they hit a proper catchy pop chorus.

The final track, 'Wade Out', ends the EP on a high. It’s a more gentle, immersive track than the others, with a sense of the epic that marks it out from the summery pop than comes before. The delicate instrumentalism supports Tim’s voice perfectly, with the result being genuinely beautiful. The two tracks are the perfect way to bookend the EP and both mark out Look, Stranger! as a band of genuine promise.