"We were to say the least covered in bug bites." The highlight of the Los Campesinos! show; a little too much information was this "anecdote" from lead singer of opener, Parenthetical Girls, Zac Pennington, recalling a Houston venue they played last time (that should remain nameless and is thankfully closed down now).

Pennington and the rest of his gang opened up the night with an amusing show that followed through the night. I was in for an avant-garde expose/party that began with the most resourceful use of the venue's space from Pennington. He was probably one of the best front-men that will provide a not-to-be missed show. Pennington dove into the crowd several times for forced audience participation, barely fell off the floor speakers, and used the interior as an alternative instrument with the emotional closing of 'The Pornographer'. The group's Smith's cover of 'Handsome Devil' also received high praise.

By the time Los Campesinos! followed up and were delayed by sound difficulties, loyal fans packed the main stage area, which surprised and excited me because being a fan for a couple of years now, there were Texans who were fanatics of this Cardiff band! Even though I could barely understand Gareth Campesinos! in between songs, it really didn't matter. The sextet ended their set as polished as they began. The energy and passion was felt throughout the crowd; plenty of hyper high school girls and fist-pumping muscle guys were everywhere to be scene (at least around me). The group performed several tracks from their latest effort, Hello Sadness with 'Songs About Your Girlfriend' getting the most attention and of course their well-known hit, 'You! Me! Dancing!' Gareth's vocals were flawless as he also kept up with the rest of his bandmates and their high-energy. The crowd literally screamed back lyrics and waited for a second encore that unfortunately didn't happen.