Photos: Veronika Moore

Los Campesinos are back! About to release their fourth album Hello Sadness, there has already been months of hype growing around this album. With new tracks 'By Your Hand' and recent single and title track 'Hello Sadness' causing waves of excitement across the music blogs of the Internet, followed by declarations of love for their “best album yet” by many a reviewer. Good stuff.

So here we are on a Tuesday night at Brighton venue The Haunt, and before Los Campesinos even start playing there are already cries of “I LOVE YOU!” screaming out from the crowd; it’s safe to say the band have been missed as they open with 'By Your Hand'. Despite having had 3 members leave since previous release Romance is Boring, they return tonight still as a sextet, with all seven band members somehow fitting onto The Haunts tiny stage.

Straight out of the new material and into the ever popular 'Romance is Boring' and 'Death to Los Campesinos!' played to a floor full of synchronised jumping from the audience, it's all going rather well. But as lead singer Gareth pointed out to a member of the crowd who kept shouting out for requests; "You're 'that guy' aren't you. Theres always 'that guy' at every gig!". Indeed there is, and more frequently so these days. 'Songs About Your Girlfriend' is next, and a quick comment of "you'll get your song, just be patient" to the now rather annoying man in the crowd as 'We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed' follows."I know people who like our band must make them good people, but that means everyone who doesn't like us is a bad person' ponders Gareth, “but”, he says directed at 'that guy' who had now resorted to vulgar shout-outs at the keyboard player Kim (you can probably imagine) “you are a bad person”.

Oh dear, but very well dealt with and the band don't let this deter them as they launch into 'Straight in at 101'. And, just before the start of 'Tundra', Kim whispers something to Gareth which leads him to jump into the crowd, and gives 'that guy' a good shove and by the looks of it said something equally as vulgar back. Lesson learned folks - Do not mess with the Campesinos!

Fortunately, this seems to put a quick end to any further problems from the one and only idiot it in the audience, and Los Camp play straight through 'Miserabilia', and 'The Black Bird' as if nothing ever happened. The atmosphere in the crowd doesn't shift either, with excitement still buzzing for the following song ‘You! Me! Dancing!’, which see's the crowd swelling and singing along to the guitar intro, arms in the air and was defiantly the popular song of the night.

'The Sea', 'Hello Sadness', and 'Baby I've got Death Rattle' round up Los Campesinos hour and 10 minute set, though it still felt slightly too early to be walking out from a gig before 10pm. All in all, the new album really is sounding lovely and the praise put on it by the general music press is well deserved. Lyrics of heartbreak and breakups continue to contradict with ever-cheery, twee indie melodies; a style that personifies Los Camp. However, that's not to say they haven't come on or grown from the previous albums. What the future holds for Los Campesinos depends on them. If they tour this album to its full potential, then, like tonight with the fight, they will find themselves with further success and more stories to reflect on in a way that only they can.