Photography: Dan Smyth

On the 2nd February, I headed down to Shepherd's Bush for the Los Campesinos! date of the NME Awards Show and what a wonderful show it was.

First on were the critically acclaimed, Grouplove. Their set was filled with a mixture of songs from their EP as well as unknown songs. Although, there was only a small audience there at that point (7.30), this certainly didn't drag them down as their set was brimming with oodles of energy from start to finish. Grouplove extremely interesting, entertaining and are comparable to bands like Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids, Freelance Whales and Neutral Milk Hotel which can only be a good thing as these are all brilliant bands that all break away from using laptops and synthesisers to create music, which is always a refreshing thing. They're all very talented people indeed.

The audience appeared to really enjoy it and when they closed their set with free giveaway, 'Colours', people were even singing along. All of the new material was incredibly promising and I can assure you that their album will be utterly brilliant. Let's hope that they 'make it' before festival season so that we can all wallow in their summer-themed loveliness come festival season, providing they play some, which I'm pretty certain they will.

Next on were, Summer Camp. The venue was now a little fuller given the band's recent increase in followers. Their set went down a storm; there was singing and dancing (especially in our little corner of the Empire) and even group arm dances were occurring. They played songs from their much loved Young EP as well as newer songs which will feature on the album such as '88' and the utterly gorgeous 'Losing my Mind' and finished with a new song which is currently called 'I want you'. Big things will happen this year for Summer Camp, for sure.

And finally, it came to the time that the entire crowd had really being waiting for- Los Campesinos! who seem to be a band that you either really don't 'get' or completely and utterly adore; the entire crowd falling into the latter category. The crowd were all extremely passionate, and shouting the lyrics back to the band, this behaviour even reducing lead singer, Gareth ,to the brink of tears during 'The sea is a good place to think of the future' from their most recent album, Romance is Boring. The only thing that's better than a passionate crowd at a gig is a passionate band and Los Campesinos!'s passion is undeniable, particularly Gareth's. The band clearly loved being there and let's be honest, which band wouldn't love seeing a thousand people dancing and screaming lyrics of their creation back to them. The lyrics clearly mean a lot to the band and a lot to the crowd, they certainly do for me for sure, I even have 'We are Beautiful. We are Doomed' tattooed onto my arm in rather large writing. Their set was rather flawless; the only additional thing that I'd have like is for them to have played 'My year in Lists', but that's just personal preference.

This night was definitely a very special for all of the bands and for everyone that was there. I've certainly not been so excitable at gig for a very long time, probably due to how many I attend. At this gig I felt like I was 16 years-old again and living in Stoke-on-Trent where good gigs were a rare occasion. I'm surprised I didn't even try and crowd surf in an attempt to recapture this.