Last time I visited the Lexington - for a JaJaJa night - the invitation promised free Scandinavian canapes, so I foolishly decided not to eat beforehand. The canapes failed to materialise, and the rest of the night can only really be described as 'messy'. This time, I resolved to be more sensible. However, the limits to my resolve became clear very early on in the evening, as although we had ordered food at the Big Chill down the road, it didn't arrive until 8.45 (by which time I'd already put away two large glasses of wine) and I only had time for a few mouthfuls of nachos before we had to run to catch MidiMidis, who were on stage at 9.

This was the first time I'd seen MidiMidis play since they recorded their album (to be released on Sony BMG later this year) which Tom Bellamy (one half of Losers) has helped produce - and I was very interested to hear how they would sound. As promised by Marcus many times over the past few months, they have lost nothing of their uniqueness or individuality as a result of signing to a major label, which was fantastic to hear. There have been changes, though - there's now slightly more dimension to their sound; a bit more of a punch to the bass, and the two of them seem slightly more polished and - dare I say it - confident on stage now they're sitting on an album with a record deal under their belt.

Opening with the fantastic 'Note To Self', things only got better from there - they stormed through 'Return To The Kingdom Of Spiders' and 'Despondent' - the upcoming single - was really something. It really does pain me, repeatedly, that I can't buy any of their music as yet. Finishing, predictably, with 'Nemesis', they left the stage to the Mario theme tune, as normal, leaving the crowd wondering what on earth just happened and how in the hell they could make it happen again. (10th Feb at Catch, by the way, if you need another fix)

  • Setlist:
  • Note To Self
  • Mayuko
  • Return To The Kingdom Of Spiders
  • There's Just Far Too Much Going On Upstairs For Me To Feel Truly Comfortable With Myself
  • Despondent
  • Nemesis

Time for a bar break. Which, unfortunately, meant trying to work my way through the crowds of people milling about at the top of the stairs, unwilling to take those extra two steps downwards and - shock horror - find themselves on the dance floor. Idiots. Given that the venue was full to capacity tonight, I had a great deal of sympathy for the lone barman who was rushed off his feet trying to serve everyone. By the time I did eventually get to order, I'd been waiting for so long that Jagerbombs had to happen, so if my review gets slightly vague from here on in, I apologise.

Next up, Losers. My only previous exposure to Losers was by way of their (excellent) remixes, so I had no idea what to expect from a live set. This was probably for the best, as had I known what was coming I may well have exploded with excitement before even reaching the venue. The opening track, 'Azan (Call To Prayer)', saw Tom Bellamy playing his guitar with a violin bow and Eddy Temple Morris playing his with his fists, creating a wonderfully atmospheric mix of strings and percussion. As the beat kicked in, the tempo remained relatively slow, but the track was still eminently danceable, and a perfect warm-up to the set.

Following on from that, they played 'DNA', an entirely new track performed tonight for the first time, before launching into 'Nothing Will Die'. The tone for the evening was well and truly set by now, and the pull of the dance floor was proving too strong for people to resist (about time). Particular highlights for me were 'Sirenna (Today We See Colour)', with its fantastically absorbing vocals, 'Flush', which I am incapable of listening to without Queen and Brian Blessed coming instantly to mind, despite the difference in spelling, and their encore, an absolutely thundering version of Nemesis that saw Marcus join them on stage in what seemed like an all-out war against apathy.

  • Setlist:
  • Azan (Call To Prayer)
  • DNA
  • Nothing Will Die
  • Talk To The Hand
  • Halfbill House
  • Sirenna (Today We See Colour)
  • Never Meant To Be
  • Flush
  • Nemesis

The atmosphere for the whole night was fantastic, there's clearly a lot of love going on between members of both bands which always makes for a great performance. It was the best gig I've been to in a fairly long time, and I was left wishing that Losers performed live more often and wondering how soon I can see MidiMidis again without running the risk of being considered a stalker (a territory I may have already stepped into, if I'm entirely honest).

If we could all party like this every Friday night, the world would be a better place.

Photos by Chris Mathews / Photo slideshow by Hannah Morgan