It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are seven colours in the rainbow; there are however ten, in the rainbow that is Lovespeake

Norway's most prodigious purveyors of colourful sonic eclecticism, have just released their Jonas Raabe produced debut album via the renowned Toothfairy label, and the multi-coloured, cross-genre, decade hopper that is DNA, is a fresh contemporary amalgam of everything that has been great about popular music spanning four decades.

By threading the charms of funk, soul, yacht, disco and slow jam onto the glittering strands of a ten-track bracelet, Lovespeake have crafted the most perfect lip-smacking a la carte to both whet and satiate the most voracious of musical appetites.

There aren't enough cells in an excel spreadsheet for me to name-check every artist that this album brings to mind. The many-hued threads in the cross-stitch of styles that Lovespeake use to weave this album together, reference an A-Z of icons from the Bee Gees to Rose Royce through to the kings of '70s groove rock that reverberate through its title track, 'DNA'.

With its Stevie Wonder basslines and Doobie Bros v Steely Dan yacht rock glide, this track is a cool groove mash-up of "All Kinds of '70s/80s' Everything." Channelling all the 'Can't Go For That' nonchalance of Hall & Oates, this song is a slow, soulful swagger down a bustling nightlife strip on a long, warm summer's evening. The album opener and band's debut single was followed in quick succession by two more singles 'Tightrope' and 'Dreamer', and these three tracks appear in the same, 1,2,3, order on the album.

The chilled blues-funk of 'Tightrope' with its hint of late '70s NY disco a la Earth, Wind and Fire, is given the shock treatment by some Van Halenesque guitar riffs (not their first appearance, nor their last) and the warm vocal accompaniment which is 'nice & easy' throughout, gets a bit Bee Gees "jive-talkin'" through a flurry of electronica, on the reps of 'Sometimes I never know how high it's gotta go'. How high indeed!

Next up 'Dreamer' is a prismatic menagerie of electro Afro-Caribbean funk, rushes of '80s synths and denim-clad '90s American pop. A happy-go-lucky summerjam which brings to mind the sunshine infused remix of Bob Marley's 'Sun is Shining', albeit one sung by Barry Gibb, with its calypso beats and apoplectic synth, it does what it says on the tin. Bouncing with more energy than the UK grid, the electronic gymnastics that cartwheel over the track's infectious guitar melodies and wistful vocals, give this delightful feel-good funkfest, a hyperactive optimistic vibe, making it the perfect sun-kissed sound of Summer 2016.

Boasting a sound comprising a miscellany of day-glo flotsam straight out of a Pandora's box, Lovespeake, or the artist fka Eye Emme Jedi, have shed their rockier skins for a more dazzling dreamcoat of infectious post-disco pop blends. With their anything goes attitude and an endless stretch to their musical reach, Lovespeake's borderless, multi-sound music with its imaginative construction and vibrant arrangements, is fresh, colourful and magnetically catchy. Since their first single release in January '16, all of the bands gigs have sold out, and having smashed their two shows at by:Larm, will surely be killing it across the summer festival circuit.

Speaking of summer, there's plenty more of it radiating from the dude grooves on this album. Whether it be in the Tavares homage, 'Sundive', or the Five Star type synth fantasy 'U', pure '80s dream pop with a smidge of Sneaker Pimps, every sound on this album oozes hazy sunshine and blue-skied days filled with love and laughter. Flowing like a river through the '70s soul of 'Fall in Love' and '90s funk of 'EveryDay Electric' the album continues its zigzag journey through musical space and time, until eventually, approaching its final destination, it changes down gears. The delightfully pared back, semi-acoustic 'Hello', the title of which is a very clever conceit (see the lyrics) brings this colourful fantasia to a wonderfully serene close.

"I've been waiting for a chance to say hello, to a time and place where we can feel at home, I think you'd like it there... do you wanna go?"

With their sharp songwriting, tight arrangements and hook-filled, sirocco warmed melodies, Lovespeake have laid down the perfect pan-musical, no holds barred compendium of sun-kissed sounds replete with positive vibes. Colourful, charismatic and charming, DNA is pure soul food; a musical manna of honeyed sounds, a scrumptious multi-layered mille-feuille, that will leave you sighing with satiated contentment.