I was initially disappointed that Dan Deacon had pulled out due to having his passport stolen. I consoled myself with the fact that I'd already seen him earlier in the year and that he'd been replaced by Lovvers who I've been hearing good things about for years but have never got round to seeing. I wish I could still say that were the case. I think that the size of The Scala went against them. Their music is a throwback to 80's punk bands like Minor Threat and they didn't do well on a large open stage with a scattering of people watching them. They look bored on stage and the audience isn't giving much back. They'd be better in a small sweaty venue like the Old Blue Last where they could feed off the audience's energy and vice versa. HEALTH are one of the best live bands it's been my pleasure to see. They move like an organism, constantly flowing and changing rhythm tempo and pace. All of this is anchored by drummer BJ Millers utter command of his instrument. Like the beat master on a slave ship he keeps the rest of the band on an even keel as they try to revolt. At various points the rest of the members dance around the stage shrieking into microphones pummel a stand up drum adding to the driving percussion , and wrench notes out of their guitars like they're tearing out their souls. They play a couple of new songs which have a much more danceable feel to them; probably an influence from their recently released DISCO album which featured remixes of all their songs. They still have their share of noisy moments with one guitarist roaring into the microphone like some sort of primordial beast. Their penultimate song, Perfect Skin is also my favourite. A tender song coming after the abrasiveness of the rest of the set, its jagged guitar bursts and scatter gun drumming raise the hairs on the back of my neck and sound like a lovers lament. They end with a burst of noise and feedback which couldn't be any better. I know that after this I can only be let down. No Age are shit, there I've said it. I've been reading great things about them for a long time and they're from the same 'scene' as a lot of innovative, interesting and entertaining bands so I was quite looking forward to seeing them. This was despite not really 'getting' their album which has been getting rave reviews from all corners. However I can now say that they're the aural equivalent of putting a saucepan on you head and banging it repeatedly while someone strangles a cat next to you. I leave after fifteen minutes in disgust at the fact that people are going mad for this while they either stood stock still for HEALTH or chattered rudely at the back of the room. I make a promise to myself to delete them from my iPod as soon as I get home.