Milwaukee based punk band Lowtalker is a three-piece comprised of Stu Ross, ex of Misery Signals and Living With Lions, Matt Keil and Casey Hjelmberg both former members of punk band Comeback Kid. Initially the threesome began Lowtalker as a side project but its popularity has reconvened into something more permanent.

Their new Marathon EP is their second, 2010's People Worry About Everything was perhaps not as well received as the group would have hoped but certainly showcased their talent for creating anthemic punk. The new EP is certainly worth the nearly three year break, with six songs that jump out of the speakers with an energy that you perhaps wouldn't associate with such experienced musicians.

'Tension' kicks The Marathon EP into action with a blast of hardcore punk that certainly pricks up the listeners ears. Lowtalker are clearly not a band blinded by their influences, and manage to infuse their songs with welcome touches of pop and post punk. 'Like Minnow's follows in the same vein; an exciting three and a half minutes that brings comparisons to Canadian punks Fucked Up and the best bits of pop-punks Blink 182.

The band have a penchant for writing riffs that wouldn't be out of place on the radio, and despite their best intentions to remain an angry thrash band, on songs like 'Prescriptions' and 'Barstow' they seem to embrace these poppier sounding guitar parts. However, their hardcore roots aren't done away with completely, and melodically and lyrically the songs maintain a cutthroat edge.

The most exciting song to come from The Marathon EP is probably 'The Weight Of An Anvil', which, maybe as a reaction to the rest of the EP, sounds more guttural and intensely fast paced.

Overall Lowtalker are one of those groups that some people will cling to with fervour, their anthemic choruses and classical chord structures make them an easy and enjoyable listen, but perhaps their hardcore aesthetic doesn't quite fit their more fun loving sound.