Label: Upset The Rhythm Link: Who are they? Lucky Dragons is the brainchild of two awesomely creative people called Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara who create mental soundscapes of music/noise. I only really got into them a few months ago but in that time i've become quite a big fan of the music/art they've created. In fact we interviewed them last week (which can be found here) and we also covered them in our Radar piece (which can be found here!). So if you need more info on these guys head over to the last link and get informed!  What does it sound like? To me this album sounds an awful lot like the kind of soundtrack I'd love to have to all my dreams for the rest of my life. It's completely fantastic in that way, like being attacked from all corners but without the pain. The album is made up of 17 tracks, or fragments if you want, which don't always float into each other the way you would expect but to me that only adds to the overall dream like affair. I liken it to one of those night when you feel like you haven't had much sleep and you keep waking up every hour or so, yet you still manage to have a million dreams. In this case it's 17 dreams and each one has totally different imagery connected to it, from completely sublime and beautiful to the insanely bizarre.  I realise this all might sound a little bit pretentious but it's the only way I could possibly describe an album like this. If you're looking for a single then you've come to the wrong place. Also highlights are hard to come by when every song works towards the overall picture.  What's the verdict? I often find albums like this hard to summarize or rate and like I said before I can't really recommend a song for you to try out because it's the sort of album you either listen to from start to finish or not at all. But if you often lie down on your bed at night and put music on to listen to then I thorougly recommend it. Rating: 7/10