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Disclosure's Essential Mix in August 2013 introduced Andy Smith, aka< strong>Lxury, and his infectious funky house record 'J.A.W.S.', (produced by everybody's favourite house duo Guy and Howard), to a world audience.

This year then, sees the release of the South Londoner's debut EP Playground, a four-track dose of sunny up-beat electronica put out by the gurus of colourful dance music, Greco-Roman.

Title track 'Playground' is built on childish la's synonymous with school ground teasing, becoming enveloped by the chirps of fairground-esque melodies. The penultimate minute of the opener gathers pace when a rolling snare pushes the brooding bass-synths and arcade-game staccato into super-sonic (pun intended).

Next on the record 'Company', is the type of track you'd expect from an artist who rubs shoulders with Disclosure, in terms of keeping the popular late '90s UK throwback sound. The slow trippy vocal of "let me be your company" is complemented perfectly by contrasting synths, that have a nuance of seminal house outfit Inner City, about them.

The exotic 'Raid' features a psychedelic guitar riff that makes up the basis of the composition and is sonically striking. Unfortunately the riff is amalgamated into a messy bass and percussion section that spurns the listen from an enjoyable one to an irritable one.

Cooling down the EP is 'Permanent Power' the soundtrack for any nocturnal walk in the humid night-air, where the city around you pulsates with neon lights and human energy.

The soothing ambience of the first half of the last track is maintained by subtle percussion and heart-beat bass-lines. Waves of melting piano and the clever use of voices then reverb around this night-time montage. Suddenly the track changes tempo with tumbling bass and chants that re-awakens the senses. A solid effort from a rising star.

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