That Kyoto beatmaker Kazumichi Komatsu is only 19 is food for thought enough. That some of the tracks on Teach were produced almost three years ago boggles the mind. For the maturity of composition that runs through his sixth (sixth!) EP as Madegg suggests the input of one much more advanced in years. Teach serves as a CV of the young producer's talents in preparation for his first major full-length, Tempera, due later this summer, which itself comes after yet another EP, Bluu Form, out next month. This prolificacy might end up being Komatsu's undoing, as even his label's website goes so far as to describe the contrast in quality between Teach and Bluu Form as 'incredible'.

If that suggests that Bluu Form is the superior release, than it must be pretty special, as Teach is no laborious affair. Pitched somewhere within the pantheon of shimmering, Brainfeeder-tinted beats, its appealingly disjointed electro noodling has been done to death over the last few years, yet Komatsu manages to find a fresh and refreshing angle on it.

The sputtering samples of 'Thalassa' recall – as does much of the production here - the likes of Lukid in its loose-limbed, loping groove. 'Gold' has a ragged, post-Dilla bounce, while the Actress-like hypnotism of 'Jaha' and 'Naviea''s cyclical, undulating loops show Komatsu's skill at developing repetitive features into cogent arrangements.

'Kamera' has folk-tronica elements, a Four Tet B-side from 2003 remixed by Caribou, while 'Penguin' and 'Flashbackerr' are perfect examples of the dense, organic sound Komatsu excels in.

The young producer has set his own bar extremely high with this preparatory release, and at 11 tracks clocking in at around 40-minutes, it's possibly pushing it to call it an EP - though that may be in recognition of the fact that it prefaces a more focused full length. Luckily, in Flau, Komatsu has found a label willing to keep up with his explosive pace of creativity, and we eagerly await the flurry of release activity over the summer.