Perhaps it's supposed to be endearing but the above picture kind of freaks me out. Ever since I saw an early TV adaptation of Narnia as a kid I've been a bit wary of creepy stuffed lions. Thankfully, Magic Wands have some really sweet tunes to make up for bringing my childhood fears back to haunt me. Plus, the story how the duo got together is actually rather endearing. Chris and Dexy first met briefly in 2006 and didn't get in touch again until a year later when Chris fell in love with a song he'd found on MySpace. As it turned out, said song ("Teenage Love") just happened to by sung by - tada! - Dexy. Since they lived far apart they communicated mainly through e-mail and phone calls, even making songs together on the Internet. Apparently this is were the (in my opinion) creepy stuffed lion comes in - Chris and Dexy would send each other packages, such as toy lions, old records, candy and even handwritten poems. Yes folks, this is a love story. The two finally met up in L.A., realized that they were destined to be together and somehow ended up in Nashville where they began recording music under the name of Magic Wands (a magic wand happened to be Dexy's favorite gift that Chris had sent her). They are now set to release an EP in the fall. The music of Magic Wands isn't quite as sugary as one might think though - sure, they are very fond of things like magic, dreams and fantasy (and each other of course), all of which is reflected in their sound, but don't except Rainbow Brite to jump out of your speakers. As much as their music is magical, Magic Wands are more like The Goblin King, you know, David Bowie's character in "Labyrinth": a bit dark, a bit rebellious and very seductive. To put it simply - they will put a hex on you and you will like it.