Website: Venue: Heaven, London Date: 17/11/09 Manchester Orchestra returned to the hallowed grounds of central London earlier this week to headline the righteously named London venue Heaven on the last leg of their European Tour. On hand was support from Talons, who warmed up the brewing London crowd into a generated sea of bouncing heads with their cataclysmic instrumental display. The 5 fresh faced youngsters from Hereford proved to be an enjoyable and talented act wetting the appetites of those in attendance. It's fair to say that whenever Manchester Orchestra play London, I always get a little excited inside. It's a rare occurrence that I always have to bare witness to. It's been a few months since I saw MO play for the very first time and I was hoping that the electrifying atmosphere I had first encountered would manifest itself once again that night. Front man Andy Hull kicked off their set with a new acoustic track causing a hush to fall over the crowd as we watched and listened in awe and respect. It's these type of special additions to MO shows that really make them great. Despite this being the bands headline show however, I felt a certain amount of disconnect with the fans and this came across in the rushed set and "lets just get the hell out of here" attitude that proceeded them - refusing to do an encore on their final show of the tour, much to the fans disappointment. But hey, you can't please everyone right? And for the lack of thanking us all for being there, supporting you in a foreign country and putting money in your pockets - we forgave you anyway because you at least gave us our moneys worth in the arsenal of songs from both I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child and Mean Everything To Nothing. One day I'll see you play Colly Strings, one day. Though the arrangement of song choices was a little odd, with the band playing heavy and softer tracks in a sporadic pattern throughout, the overall show, coming from a die hard MO fan, was a pleasure to watch.