Label: Favorite Gentleman Released: Out Now To Buy Via iTunes Website: Is this really what dreams are made of? Some of us here at The405 would agree that the notion of the possibility that there might be a split EP from our best loved Favorite Gentleman exports - Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, could only have been something of a daydream that we were left hoping would come into fruition. It's probably fair to say that to some, this release was fairly expected from these two label mates, given the fact that both have often appeared on each others Day Trotter Sessions and guest supported each group on their respective tours. Finally though, for those of us who have cherished one infamous bootleg (and of course I speak of the legendary Lacey/Hull/Devine bootleg) we can now treasure and subject our ears to something both highly anticipated and of superb execution. For this one off split single, both Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra's front man Andy Hull create their own unique cover versions of each others own respective songs; I Could Be With Any One - taken from Kevin Devine's 2009 album Blood Brothers and The Only One - taken from Manchester Orchestras' 2009 album Mean Everything To Nothing. Pour a little bit of both into the creative melting pot and out comes I Could Be The Only One. See what they did there? Andy Hull's melodic and sympathetic cover of I Could Be With Any One resurrects shades of the softer vocals and considerate guitar picking that can often be found in bedded in the works of the very same mans solo project - Right Away Great Captain. In my opinion, it's in these types of songs that Andy Hull excels and can be heard at his best. It is this version of the song that showcases all these great qualities about his vocal story telling abilities. Kevin Devine's cover of The Only One on the flip side however is tweaked with a poppy synthetic-ness and in many respects is a lot like the track I've Got Friends. This version of the song comes over as a stripped down lounge type mix with a quirky beat and a euphoric rhythm that oozes relaxing on a summers afternoon. It's definitely not the better track of the two but I'm sure there are plenty of die hard Kevin Devine fans out there who will go crazy for this song simply for what it is and with that being said, I still think it's a nice touch and brings something different in to the mix. All in all, a great little EP that wets your appetite and leaves you wanting more. Please give us more!!! Rating: 10/10