Label: Favorite Gentleman Release date: Out Now! Link: The brave procession that is Manchester Orchestra are back, with their highly anticipated EP - Let My Pride Be What's Left; the stepping stone to the long awaited second album - Mean Everything To Nothing, set for a release sometime next year. Coming straight off the back of the greatly received I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child, the Atlanta natives had some high expectations to fill. No doubt that those expectations were fore filled, however i was more then a little disappointed that there were no real surprises included here;in terms of brand new songs hot off the press, of which i hadn't already heard leading up to this release. Although I Can Feel A Hot One and I Was A Lid are top notch! I'll admit that's partly my own fault for being too eager to hear new tracks well before they were officially released. What can i say, Manchester Orchestra are like my favorite band on the planet right now! But then again, was it such a wise choice for the band to go ahead and release 2 out of the 5 tracks for global consumption well before Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind even had a chance to fall into the hands of fans everywhere? If anything, Pride was the last thing being left behind from the otherwise extremely talented group, who should've held back from handing out free downloads and MySpace previews like they needed to! I really felt throwing in 3 live tracks of previously released songs from the last album was dare i say, lazy?! However, in saying that, what really swung it for me was the life changing live reincarnation of Sleeper 1972; Definitely a track that should be allowed to remain in its live, goose bump embracing entirety! There's also a DVD Documentary about the band, filmed by Sam Erickson that is included in the overseas EP, but unfortunately we here at The405 weren't lucky enough to have that sent to us for reviewing! Bad times! 4/5