Label: Columbia Website: I'm not sure what happened in the life of Andy Hull over the last six months but his band of merry Atlantans are back and have a proverbial bee in their bonnets. Thank god. Whether it's in his day job with Manchester Orchestra or as solo artist, I'm a huge Andy Hull fan, but let's not kid ourselves, the last Right Away Great Captain album was just plain boring. Rather than sounding like a complete body of work like The Bitter End, The Eventually Home sounded like a collection of b-sides and demo's and I'm sure I'm not the only person to feel that way. Fast forward six months and you've got yourself a new Manchester Orchestra album and it couldn't sound any more different to Mr Hull's latest solo offering. Rather than a trip through someones wimpy thoughts on life and love, Mean Everything To Nothing is an explosive adventure from start to finish. That's not to say it lacks depth, far from it. Tracks like '100 Dollars' and 'I Can Feel A Hot One' tick the classic Andy Hull tender box but rather than sticking to a half an half approach of heavy and soft, which I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child' was, Mean Everything To Nothing is the kick in the teeth we all need now and again. Rock, grunge (see 'In My Teeth') and even sludgy drone (see 'Pride) make it to the table here and I'm just gonna come out and say it, I think it's much better than I'm Like A Virgin...Wow that feels good to say. Only time will tell if my declaration of love for Mean Everything To Nothing is anything other than a lack of out and out rock in my musical diet but damn am I gonna have fun finding out. Rating: 8.5/10