Label: Nettwerk Release Date: 31st March 2009 Link: I got overexcited at the thought of this album. What I had heard of the lovely Miss Taylor, was a promising start; a lively mix of acoustic and electronic. But oh how the mighty are fallen. It’s track one – ‘Lady Luck’, and if I’m not quite mistaken – I’m bored. The melody puts me in mind of a man with a serene smile, padding his way down the street in sunshine. Yet of course – he’s passing the same trees, and the same houses, and – you get the point. Track two – ‘Time lapses lifeline’, and it seems she's only had access to the world's smallest dictionary - which is very unfortunate. It’s an improvement at least, but it’s still soapy. The verse and chorus sound so similar, they might be identical twins. You also realise that you’re not really listening to what she’s saying. It’s like having a friend that goes on and on - you find yourself head in hand, slightly frustrated, definitely absent. Then something weird happens. You’re onto the third track – ‘It’s time’, and experience extreme déjà vu. You’re certain you’ve heard this before, but where? Could it be, is it possible, that this is in fact track two starting all over again? Maria has altered the title, but as a smug afterthought, kept the word ‘time’ for both, thinking we probably won't notice. This album is like being stuck in a sweet dream. You find yourself nauseous and banging on doors that don’t open. You crave grit, and a little bit of rocky darkness, not a definite lack of edge. Yet, I suppose if you're after light background music, which is simple and unassuming, you're onto a winner. Such thoughts happily saunter on through track seven – ‘Broad daylight’. Hilariously – Maria sings something about shattering an endless dream, yet fails to dwell on how-to tips. She’s definitely running out of words by this point, there’s a lot of ‘oooohing’ and ‘woooing’ to stretch it out. During my research, I stumble upon this advice from Maria herself on the album - Listen to it, she says, “in a dark room, with a candle or two with headphones, maybe in the bath, but definitely horizontal.” And I suddenly realise where I must have gone wrong; I’ve been sitting up. Rating: 2/10