Those of you listening to the first single by The Bronx’s new offshoot band Mariachi el Bronx will no doubt be surprised, and hopefully delighted, by the new sound that they are pursuing. Their nom de plume will be a massive giveaway that they have recorded an entire album of songs in a Mariachi style, and Cell Mates is the first single and a good signifier of what to expect from them. No doubt influenced by the LA punk rockers proximity to Mexico. The song pays homage to the fast paced songs, often about touching someone’s heart, popularised by Mariachi bands. It’s a love song sung by an inmate to his lover asking her to save her love for him until he can escape the prison walls. Using all manner of instrumentations familiar to the genre, (violins, trumpets, and Spanish Guitar) but unfamiliar to the usual ‘Bronx sound’ it is easy to forget that both bands share the same members, even Matt Caughthran’s trademark growl has been replaced by his soft, crooning singing voice. What could be an exercise in vanity, trading on the bands rabid fan-base to drum up listeners, this track shows that the band aren’t just doing it ‘for a laugh’, it has real integrity and love for the genre. From the sound of it to see it being performed live, where the band dress in traditional Mariachi clothing accentuating the experience, is really the place to enjoy them. Luckily anyone wanting to do some can catch them at the Vice Warehouse Party on August 22nd where they’ll not only be playing as Mariachi el Bronx but also as The Bronx. Two great bands rolled into one.