Artist: Marina & The Diamonds Album: Crown Jewels EP Label: Neon Gold Website: I Am Not A Robot is THE BEST. It carries similar qualities with Regina Skeptor and Kate Bush in terms of vocals and quirks. A great song for the radio, since there’s a nice poppy quality to it, that hopefully you won’t get sick or annoyed of! Most of all, I just fell in love with the opening lyrics to this song. They’re delicate, playful, and sort of coquettish: Marina sings “You’ve been acting awful tough lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately, but inside you’re just a little baby, oh it’s ok to say you’ve got a weak spot, you don‘t always have to be on top….” By far, this track is my favourite of the trio on this EP. Seventeen opens with cool and sly piano scales, but don’t let them throw you off! After a couple of seconds the track takes a jarring detour for a more blunt and in-your-face piano pop eccentricity. And although “beefed up” from the song’s demo days, the theatrics give the song its power and force, which is subtly juxtaposed with sentiment. Lyrically speaking, “Seventeen, the rise of a king and fall of a queen” feels powerful in its sound, but what’s more is that human vulnerability still soaks through all the musical cacophonies. And though the track beautifully calms down into an affecting tranquility in the end, the potent blundering of theatrics and orchestral flourishing resonates in the back of your mind. Lastly, Simplify ties up the three-song EP beautifully. Not as up beat as Seventeen, and not as lively as I Am Not A Robot, Simplify is more of an ode to life; to life’s complications and trying to find a means of living in a “simple house in the country”, which seems impossible nowadays to genuinely take hold of. All in all, this EP is bold, ambitious, and quite a delight ! Rate: 10/10