Label: Kemado Release Date: March 3, 2009 Website: Wow. Perfect. This may sound cheesy, but we are incredibly lucky to live in a word where Marissa Nadler can make albums. Prior to this review, I had never listened to her. Descriptions have always sounded good, but never really stood out as something I need to have. Let it be said here. If you like music that is calming, pensive, ethereal, or just plain good, you need to own this album. I am a bit skeptical when I see singer/songwriter attached to an artist's description because to me it usually equated to boring, however this album has been on constant repeat since I received it. Some comparisons can be made to Beach House and Blonde Redhead (drummer Simone Pace is actually in her band), but Marissa Nadler sounds more haunting and enchantingly simple. Most songs will usually only contains sparse, repetitive accompaniment which allows Marissa to showcase her exceptional voice. When I first listened to this, I told my girlfriend she had the "voice of a sexy ghost that I wanted to kiss". She gave me a cock-eyed look, but I dare you to listen to a song and not agree. I'm going to send her a myspace message with my address so I can sign up to be haunted. If I had one negative thing to say about this album, is that it's like a quadruple album that could start playing at my house everytime the weather is foggy/drizzling or whenever its a cool spring evening and I feel like kissing. I think those might be a tad unrealistic though, I'm going to look for them on March 3rd though. For fans of : Beach House, Misery is a Butterfly-era Blonde Redhead, a beautiful painting. Rating: 10/10