The two best albums of Mark Lanegan's solo career have been his two most recent releases. 2013's covers album Imitations and 2012's Blues Funeral (released as The Mark Lanegan Band). Unfortunately, Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011 doesn't feature these releases. It's also fair to say that Lanegan's best work has come when he's been fronting band, be it Screaming Trees, Queens Of The Stone Age or The Mark Lanegan Band. These are the occasions where his musical output has been most interesting. His solo work on the other hand, consistently adopts the same crawling tempo and dark-as-night mood. This is by no means a bad thing; Lanegan's cavernously deep voice is perfectly suited to such engaging tales of death, drinking and religion. It is however something of a slog to endure this over two discs and thirty-one songs. There is however plenty of enjoyment to be found within these best bits and unreleased tracks from Lanegan's twenty-two year career- as long as you're willing to find them.

The first real highlight comes early on in the form of 'One Hundred Days'. From 2004's Mark Lanegan Band album Bubblegum. Melodically, this is comfortably one of his strongest songs of all and is testament to his abilities as a songwriter. 'Mirrors' demonstrates Lanegan's masterful ability to produce richly atmospheric music. The simple combination of melancholy acoustic guitar and his ever-impressive voice creates something truly absorbing.

Elsewhere, it has to be said, you do find yourself drifting off somewhat as a result of the lack of variety, especially in terms of tempo. Rather fittingly, this anthology moves along like a funeral procession - steady and unrelenting, with a constant air of death. This collection would've been much better off as a coherent release if it came on just one disc. Two discs and thirty-one tracks really is a bit testing and the songs eventually feel like they've overstayed their welcome. If however, you take this purely as a collection of individual songs to be enjoyed as and when, then Has God Seen My Shadow? serves as a fitting documentation of one of rock's finest vocalists and at times, one of its better songwriters.