Martial Canterel's latest release on post-wave mastermind Wierd, You Today, is a piece of idiosyncratic wave pop elegantly styled in the best tradition of the 1980s cold-wave and industrial scene, packed together in a hypnotic 11-track journey-through-Time-Space-and-Sounds dark atmospheres, syncopated rhythms and melancholic, desperate lyrics.

It is a proper concept album that, as stated by the artist:

You Today continues McBride's exploration of the increasing difficulty in trying to connect with real people and real things as technology renders the material substance of bodies and objects ever more abstract and distant.

Martial Canterel, the solo project of New York minimal wave outfit Xeno & Oaklander's Sean McBride, is a 360-degree artist, who uses music to express higher concepts. As his profile reports.

Martial Canterel presents a new optimistic paradigm for electronic music in which the analogue synthesizer functions anew as a folk instrument of humanist resistance to a virtual 'soft synth', iPod, and iTunes saturated world of 'click and drag' dematerialized abstraction.

(Apologies, lately I developed a fetish for quotations).

In fact, he uses only vintage instruments and analogue synthesizers to achieve that icy sneezy sound, epitome of industrial acts such as Fad Gardget and Tuxedomoon. The intro of 'Market' is in line with the aural exploration of Tuxedomoon's 'No Tears', while 'You Today' is a bleepy infectious anthem that wouldn't disfigure in a dim-lit Berliner dancefloor circa 1982.

You Today is not an album for those looking to explore new horizons and break new boundaries in music, but it will definitely be enjoyed by the nostalgics of the glorious 1980s industrial music - transposed to a post-industrial reality, in which a clever use of technology can bring to admirable outcomes.