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Ahead of his third studio record The Air Between Words, 3024 label head and Panoramabar resident Martyn has brought together a trio of tracks from its "lengthy sessions" for an EP release. Forgiveness serves as a taster for his forthcoming freshmen release on new label, Ninja Tune. This latest foray for the restless Dutch producer has taken him in "an entirely new sonic direction," with the likes of Hype Williams' Inga Copeland and Four Tet joining him for collaborations. Whether it's swapping Eindhoven for Rotterdam to ignite Drum & Bass in Holland or tacking back to four to the floor, Martyn's artistic career has always been dictated by an unquenchable ambition to challenge oneself; a characteristic that shows no signs of stopping.

Opening track and Four Tet collaboration 'Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)' sounds like reverberations from a place that I'd never want to leave. It possesses an unearthly tension within its off-kilter, distant melody and relentless pace, that create a wonderful idiosyncratic scope of sounds. Furthermore, the performances of the track's intermittent instrumentation sound like they were recorded brashly in one take. Between the xylophone and brash stabs of casio-tone keyboard, the piece possesses so much character that it is incomparable to any other dub records released in the past couple of years.

'Forgiveness Step 3' is Martyn at his most playful. The piece lacks any kind of overarching concrete ideas, but instead operates like the stream of consciousness from an over-active mind. For example, the four-to-the-floor heavy kicks switch to flittering percussion to toy lasers in mere heartbeats. This isn't symptomatic of the slow, progressive development you'd expect on records of this nature, but is instead something rather jovial.

Whilst Forgiveness manages to capture the screeching handbrakes and change of direction that Martyn desired, at its core, it is a musical triumph. If this EP is a microcosm indicative of what is to come, then The Air Between Words will be an extremely special release.

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