Label: Red Panda Records Website: Mascott's many press releases label them as 'Indie-pop.' I'm not sure what indie-pop is anymore if Mascott are classified as it. Their label can't really be wrong either as Red Panda Records was set-up by the girl who effectively is Mascott, Kendall Jane Meade.  Anyway, Art Project is Mascott's third LP, second on Red Panda records, and is straight out the Camera Obscura book of twee folk pop. The Camera Obscura resemblance really is uncanny and Meade also sounds exactly like an American Emmy the Great, or maybe that should be Emmy the Great sounds exactly like Meade.  There's one problem with twee pop and that is you can be listening to it and it will pass you by and before you know it you need to pick new music to put on. And then when someone asks what you thought of it, all that comes to mind is - “Erm... I dunno, actually.” That said, Art Project is a perfectly acceptable album, it's inoffensive and charming almost but it doesn't grab you or make you want to listen to it over and over, you end up willing it to do something. There isn't a song on Art Project that you feel the need to skip, but then again there's nothing on it that stops you in your tracks. 'Opposite' gets somewhere close but then within two minutes or so it's over, and each track only just nudges the two minute mark. This could well be the root of Art Project's problem, the tracks seem over before they've really started or gone anywhere. Rating: 6/10 MP3: Mascott - Opposite