There is a long tradition of decent Welsh rock bands, and Masters In France are the latest to bring their own brand of alt-rock to the UK music scene. The band is quite unique in that they play sets in both English and Welsh, and have released tracks in both languages (and also have a MySpace page in both languages), but so far they remain relatively unknown outside of Wales. 'Mad Hatter' is the band's latest release and is right from the outset you can tell it's up there as one of the releases of the year so far.

I'm not normally much of a sucker for lyrical prowess, but the bands lyrics do take you by surprise. "ake me to the Mad Hatter" is the rallying cry sung over and over again in the chorus, and there is clear protest and feeling behind the crunching guitars which really adds heart and soul to the music. However, the main strength of Masters In France is their technical brilliance and the quality of the songwriting. 'Mad Hatter' possesses crunching guitars and barrels along at a hundred miles per hour, whereas 'Control' is slower and more brooding, as inventive bass and drum lines pound away underneath squealing, angular guitars. In this two-track release along, Masters In France have shown more skill, heart and variety than you could imagine for a band still very much in its infancy, and with another eleven months of 2011 left, I for one cannot wait to see what they do next.