Holy Roar continues to build a reputation for unearthing and releasing stuff by really quite good bands, with this release, a 10 song split EP featuring Norwich based three piece Maths, and Midlands based five piece Throats, with both bands providing enough hints to get UK hardcore fans excited, oh, and the artwork is rather nice too. As far as the Maths half of the split is concerned, they frequently recall screamo bands such as Orchid, Saetia and Ampere, and if you are familiar with those bands output, you'll know this is high praise indeed. Maths go beyond being simple screamo copycats though, this is a frantic, chaotic collection of songs, with a distinctly UK feel. ‘Statue of her' best utilises the Maths arsenal, featuring a mix of complete frenzied chaos interchanging with delicate, almost fragile sounding guitar work. This collection of songs utilises interesting time changes, and unconventional structure, and bodes well for the release of a full length. Throats are a more abrasive, vicious prospect, attacking the listener from the off. Without wishing to sound completely like a  lazy journalist, comparisons to Converge are fair, with EP closer ‘Deathnaps' sounding like it could be on Jane Doe. They share the Boston bands expansive, immersive, atmospheric sound, and combine it effectively with real intensity, instantaneously flipping between this and breakneck riffs. Also eschewing conventional song structure, Throats don't feature anything you could really describe as melody, or harmony, but with a sound as punishing and exhilarating as this, why would you want them to? Having seen both these bands live (together!) I'd also advise you to get along to one of their gigs; you can catch Throats with the also excellent Rolo Tomassi, formerly of Holy Roar, at a couple of dates at the end of this month/beginning of October. Buy this EP! Maths- 4/5 Throats- 4/5