Forget the song, have you guys seen the video to this? It’s rather ace! In it, the Brooklyn duo take to the New York streets in broad daylight and as they navigate through the hoards of tourists they begin to strip – in super slo-mo of course. It looks like a cross between Blink 182’s ‘What’s my age again?’ and The Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’. The twosome continue to shed themselves of their garments until they are sporting full birthday suits. The Cops come to seize the giggling nuisances until they accidentally-on-purpose let them go. It’s at this point, in her celebrations, Kim backs into the road and gets nailed by a large bus. During the whole video Matt & Kim gaze up with child like smiles around the vast city as if in awe of the Metropolis surrounding them, so I sure as hell didn’t see that ending coming! Quality. Ah yes the song, I’m supposed to be reviewing that aren’t I? Well let’s see, the idea of the band looking up with gleeful amazement is pretty much mirrored by the floaty niceness of this track. I imagine it’s Matt & Kim’s attempt at Bloc Party’s ‘ So here we are’. Despite the squelching synths it has a very sweet and melancholy sound, a far cry from the bands fun filled stompers of ‘Yea Yeah’ or ‘Good Ol Fashioned Nightmare’. Kim’s ‘da da da-da da-da da da da’ tones coupled with Matt’s ‘stayed up all night, slept in all day’ chorus makes for a very nice 3mins 34secs. I had originally underestimated this track as mere album filler, while I yearned for the more accessible frolics of joints in the mould of the tracks mentioned earlier. Isn’t that the great thing with music though? From listen one to listen ten, a track perceived as boring or lacklustre can manifest itself into a rather brilliant tasty treat. So lessons learned? Be patient when trying to appreciate music – let it grow on you, expect nudity in New York City and always look out for buses when crossing the street.