by Lizzy Foggitt An American artist, now based in Paris, Matthew Rose has had his work exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and the United States over the past 20 years. ‘Scared but Fresh’ is a presentation of his most recent work and an exploration of sense and nonsense. Collages make up the bulk of the collection, each one uniquely crafted. The montages are often formed of familiar images from years gone by with twisted additions that form surreal creations. The quirky installations of seemingly random objects, such as a bunch of carrots substituting a face, capture the viewer’s imagination. The prints are layered with beautiful colours, images and patterns which collectively make a brilliant picture. The obscure additions work visually, but also make you question their meaning. Rose seems to want to challenge the viewers to think up their own background story. ‘Scared but Fresh’ combines prints with other articles such as customised bottles and gold mousetraps. Although these sporadic accompaniments are interesting, I did not like them as much as the prints. I found them harder to engage with, whereas the prints were fun. The exhibition runs from 6th-31st October and I would whole heartedly recommend it. The intimacy of the Orange Dot Gallery compliments the interesting and unusual collection. ‘Scared but Fresh’ puts a new angle on surreal art and I thoroughly enjoyed trying to make sense from some of the nonsense.