With their third full-length due for release this April, Leicester's experimental instrumentalists Maybeshewill have lost no time in releasing a teaser in the form of their latest single 'Critical Distance'. Building on the soaring, electronic post-rock foundations of their previous material, 'Critical Distance' is another atmospheric affair that both builds and disintegrates at identical rates, yet is surrounded by an air of growth and originality at sets it apart from the band's older songs.

Without the aid of their oft-used samplers and occasional vocals, 'Critical Distance' is entirely instrumental, yet paints a picture with its dramatic use of gradual builds ups and collapsing pauses without digressing from its fast-paced nature. Beginning with the sounds of a lone piano, 'Critical Distance' sets the momentum with layers of programmed drumming and syncopated beats, carrying the piano-laden melody along until the guitars and bass join the climactic chorus. Keys are used to perfection and as the dynamics continuously transform and mutate from soft to all consuming it is the piano notes that hold the entire piece together and remain constant, right through until the song's quiet demise.

Accompanying the single is a wonderful reworking of Not For Want Of Trying's 'I'm In Awe, Amadeus!', an acoustic version that slows down the tempo and strips away the electronics. Devoid of drumming and with the likes of an accordion and glockenspiels replacing feedback and electronic distortion Maybeshewill demonstrate their ability to transform a much-loved live favourite into a tranquil, yet equally atmospheric track that contrasts and supports 'Critical Distance 'and its fast-paced riffs and hooks in equal measures.

Maybeshewill will get the chance to showcase 'Critical Distance' in a live environment as they head on their UK-wide tour later this month. If the new material on the album is anything like 'Critical Distance' then fans are definitely not going to be disappointed and in the meantime these live shows will certainly help to fill the void until the album is released later this spring.