Maybeshewill are a bit of a post rock melting pot on their new album, I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone, encompassing aspects from all the different tangents this genre is heading in during a healthy 44 minutes.

Tracks like 'Take This To Heart' and 'An End To Camaraderie' shine through with the piano acting prominently to give much night and day, and it’s the juxtaposition of the ivory keys with the distorted guitars that really work for me on this release, though the slow burning 'Words For Arabella' is also a standout.

The latter track is a departure from the general approach on the album as Maybeshewill get to the point fast, and don’t hold back on the big moments, which come in barrages.

There have been some heavy weight post-rock releases recently, with new long players from And So I Watch You From Afar and Explosions In The Sky being most notable, and this album was always going to be compared to them. I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone doesn’t have the sheer kick of the aforementioned releases, but it works on many other levels.

The Leicester outfit use orchestral sounds, heavy sequences, electronic aspects, and cinematic soundscapes to get to where they want to go, and this varied stance will draw in listeners . This is post rock at its most accessible, but there has been no musical compromise, and that deserves a lot of praise.