Mazes are a foursome from Manchester with a rough and ready ethic, seemingly seeking to make music that purely soundtracks 'good times'. Within their schtick is that feeling of youth and young manhood, alongside an unabashed attitude that jumps at the chance to neck something alcoholic from a bottle and relishes those 'wasted' nights when friends are free to simply listen to some good music and stretch out to some good vibes. And A Thousand Heys is most definitely, and defiantly, a record to accompany good friends, brisk, summer Eves and those momentarily marvellous moments in life where everyone just loosens up.

Mazes conjure up sure-fire rockets of elation in some of their blaring bursts of expression, with 'Cenetaph' nodding merrily along, crooning "Gambling on the drops of rain, that slip and slide across my window pane", marvelling at the miracle of those little life joys that aren't quite as treasured as they should be. A couple of tracks, rather aptly considering the concepts on display, literally whizz by, with 'Eva' as a half minute of idling contemplation whilst 'Vampire Jive' is a minute long kick back at those in life who leech off of the depression of others, showcasing the magnificent mantra at the heart of Mazes. Live life, enjoy life and never forget the good times.

'No Way' is a teenage burst of expression, albeit that wondrously apathetic expression, sneering and snarling "I never wanna get out of bed, I never wanna do what you say". Mazes feel like an amalgamation of those 90s bands that were idolised by those of us who were lucky enough to begin the escalation into adulthood in that beauteous decade, delivering a big serving of nostalgia alongside a dollop of punk, with sounds recalling Weezer and Ash, if only those guys had taken to listening to nothing but Buzzcocks. At times, it feels like Mazes could afford to simply let loose and head into Male Bonding territory, which could be a very interesting direction if ever they choose to turn the volume up. Although I feel they are very happy to wallow in the mellow tones churned up by their melodically wandering minds, at least for the time being.

As a youth, everyone is striving for everything to rush by, without realising the fleeting nature of life that ends with an inevitable wish for that same, speeding youth. But, when you're a young adult, you feel prepared for adulthood and for everything to come at you all at once. You don't care about that harrowing search for a career, those spiralling debts or any sort of political tumult that may befall the world. Those were the days you ran along at ten speed, warping through life with the vigour and vim only adolescence can bring. This is a record documenting those feelings. It's a record without patience but that's a compliment, a beautiful summary of that excited nature within everyone before the drudgery of maturity seeps into life. And goddamn, how I wish I could have those days back and make them last forever. Alas, for now, we have the music of Mazes.