[caption id="attachment_4687" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="These four men have just buried my indie credibility forever."]Shit hair, great tunes.[/caption]


Sheffield Arena

Friday 7th November

By Tom Bage

Teen-poppers McFly kicked off their latest arena tour in Sheffield on Friday, with a massive gig at the Hallam Arena.


The tour, in support of new album Radio:ACTIVE, is the band’s first since they parted company with Island Records and decided to self-release their latest album.

Mcfly, who have had seven number one singles since 2004, are no strangers to giant venues and brought a suitably theatrical show to the Steel City. The stage was decked out with delightfully camp Mad Max styled props, and for just over an hour, as flames and fireworks shot upwards and a slue of hits were energetically performed, Sheffield’s arena stopped being a chilly hangar, and became the epicentre of a teen-pop earthquake.


Boy bands come and go but the crowds thronging the Sheffield Arena underline that four albums in, McFly are still as popular as ever. They have undoubtedly been marketed wel,l but for all of their slick branding and big-budget stage shows, the band’s relative longevity is down to the embarrassment of pop riches under their studded belts.


Twenty minutes in, with the excitement of 10,000 adolescents whipped up by a fizzing performance of Transylvania, the front section of the stage was lifted into the roof of the arena, and winched into the middle of the room. The band then played several songs for fans at the back, before returning to the main stage for an irresistible rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’.


Former number ones 5 Colours in Her Hair and All About You were greeted like cherished friends, both sparking sing-alongs loud enough to match a Saturday afternoon at Portman Road, but the pick of the bunch was the storming ‘Lies’, a blast of sugar coated pop-rock from the band’s new album.


Boy-bands of Britain beware - McFly are back, and they’re better than ever.