Opening with some gentle piano that is soon accompanied by some sumptuous vocals, Me and My Drummer's 'Don't Be So Hot is immediately attention grabbing. There's a hint of Charlotte Brandi's German accent as she sings "I want to believe in magic" in perfect English, while the aesthetics of the song recall Slow Club's quieter moments and Regina Spektor's quirkiness. As the backing vocals come in to complement the lead, the music becomes more complete and a refrain of "All we need is magic" plays over the now-louder piano. There's also a humming melody and playful vocal interplay. A lot to fit in in under three minutes, but the duo pull it off.

'Heavy Weight' continues in the same vein, but has a dancier vibe as the synths are heavily present from the very first second. The strong and sensual vocals recall Einar Stray or Bat For Lashes and there's also an element of Kate Bush when Charlotte's falsetto fills a quieter moment. Towards the end of the song, it becomes a bit disrupted and stop-start, hinting at a band willing to experiment to get the sound they want. There's also the striking, if a little haunting, line: "If I lose my head, will you label me dead?"

Two remixes complete the EP – La Boum Fatale's 'Euphobia' has a dubstep direction with lots of glitch noisy moments that add a new and exciting layer to Charlotte's vocals. There's an unexpected turn at the 3 and a half minute mark when the track speeds up and evolves into an rousing dance anthem. It continues this stirring direction even after this too. The Thomalla remix of 'Mother Shell' blasts straight into the tune and is more of a straight-up danceable track. The vocals are not as prominent this time around as the bass has been turned up, but there's something inspiring in the lengthy running time of over seven minutes. Me and My Drummer are clearly a band with ideas and a sound they can proudly call their own, this EP hints at what could be a stimulating debut album.