Label: Everybody's Stalking Release date: 12/07/10 Link:Myspace Melodica, Melody and Me are a five-piece from London, whose sound is surprisingly light-hearted for it. And while they do at first listen seem strikingly familiar, the single 'Piece Me Back Together' is a careful medley of harmonies and call and response which has some surprises to offer. Very, very lovely pizzicato sounds permeate the track, and the chorus has a moment so tender that your heart might almost stop. There's also an inventive use of some sidelined instruments, specifically the melodica, charango and kora, an African harp-lute type things. You'd think this might leave it sounding something like a Zelda sound-track, but instead it's beautifully incorporated, and gives a blissful alternative to the superfluity of guitar and piano outfits out there. It is contrasted by B-side 'Plunge', with its sea-shanty melodies and more wistful tone. A charming, energetic, plinky, sea-sidey record. Photobucket