Starting off on an amazing high, the first Men In Black film was released in 1997; a comedy that was about aliens and unusual friendships. The sequel, inevitably, was below par compared and so the films were predictably shut down. Then, aha, the fates conspired, it's a decade later, and Agents J and K are back on the big screen.

If you are a fan of the first film, you’re in for a treat. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as the wise-cracking streetwise one (Smith), partner of the hard-assed, seen-it-all veteran (Lee Jones). They’re supported by a new chief in town, the wonderful Emma Thompson, who not only uses her steely British gaze on everything and everyone to perfection, but also manages to pull off a hairstyle that doesn’t move an inch for an hour and a half.

Halfway through MIB3, a tragedy forces Agent K to go back in time to 1969. The device with which he does so is hilariously the most ridiculous instance of time travel yet; it basically involves him almost falling to his death from the Chrysler Building; but it works just reliably enough for him to reach the latter half of the 60s. It's here the film really comes into its own, with not only a slew of incisive pop culture jokes about Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger (among others) but also a laudable lack of shying away from the very real racism Agent J would have experienced in America at that time.

It's there he meets up with a younger Agent K, brilliantly played by Josh Brolin, charmingly taking on the mantle, voice and plenty of other characteristics of Tommy Lee Jones. From then on things take a whimsical turn, ending eventually with a great twist that really plucks at the heartstrings. Although, despite it being effective in its own right, and without ruining anything; it does seem to affect the entire Men In Black story leading up to it, which in hindsight doesn’t really make sense.

All in all though, the end to the trilogy (and the series?) is a thoroughly entertaining, humorous, and occasionally insightful adventure. Oh and if you’re planning on going to watch it for Nicole Scherzinger’s filmic debut, sorry to disappoint, but she’s literally in one scene.