Label: OIB Records Release date: 13/06/10 Link: MySpace Buy: Amazon Mewgatz, or Ed McGregor to his friends, could easily get lazily placed in the category of experimental electronica along with those artists that just try to make bend music until it gets weirder and weirder. True, he works with a number of sounds all battling against one another on each track, but what really stands out is his ability to make this work as a very listenable collection of work. This isn't just an artist trying to push boundaries for the sake of it. He has combined his interesting beats and blips with lyrics about life, relationships and his everyday struggles. What comes through as the album unfolds though is the positivity that things will get better. The album isn't the hard listen that so many in this genre are, but instead draws you in with each listen. I urge you to fall in love with this record. Photobucket