Label: Quaterstick Records Release Date: 17/02/09 Website: As I type this Great Britain is experiencing one of the worst snow storms it's seen for quite a while. London has come to a complete halt, my garden is completely white and about the only thing that's keeping me warm is my wooly hat and the music of San Franciscan drum-punk trio, Mi Ami. The bands blend of rhythmic noise making, underpinned by punk energy and made bold by psychdelic experimentation is quite exhiliarating. On their myspace page they reference a blog called 'awesome tapes from africa' which is a sort of MP3 based hub of african music and I have a feeling that the site might have played a big part in the making of their sound, which, to me, is a great thing. I could list a milion bands out there that share the same sort of musical territory with Mi Ami but only a very small percentage of those bands have the ability to make me dance as well as wanting to kick over a chair. The best example of what they do is the fantastic 'New Guitar'. For the most part it's a punky and distorted mess, then out of nowhere the funkiest bass line you'll ever hear seeps through the decay and reeks havok on my hips. At times Watersports does become quite repeptitive but to be honest Mi Ami make the sort of music that can only truly be appreciated in a live environment, so take my rating with a pinch of salt and then go see them when they come to your town. Rating: 7.5/10