Label: Trash Aesthetics Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Myspace Hailing from Wakefield in the proud county of Yorkshire, Mi Mye is the project of musical journeyman Jamie Lockhart, and according to their Myspace, ‘some of their friends’. Senc To The Shaking is their debut album and provides a veritable bounty of pretty indie-folk that attempts to bring some long overdue joy to a nation bracing itself for Mr Osborne’s economic apocalypse. One thing that can never be in doubt about this band is that they are incredibly optimistic – even the more melancholic tracks sound like they’re singing them with a smile on their face. The most striking thing about Senc To The Shaking is that it elicits vivid images of birds singing and meadows full of daffodils and all those other wonderfully beautiful (and slightly clichéd) things we’re told to imagine when attempting to ‘go to a happy place’. Single ‘In The Morning’ is a bouncy, jangly number propelled along by the most infectious guitar line written in a while that barrels along and harks back to the days when indie music was there to dance to. Mi Mye also have more strings to their jangly guitars then at first glance – the sound ranges to more soulful numbers – ‘Your Last Love Song’ sees Lockhart duet with an unnamed female singer (presumably one of his ‘friends’) – and ‘2 Sunrises’ shows Mi Mye to experiment with some funky synthed bass that probably has it’s influences in Lockhart’s many years touring the Yorkshire indie scene. ‘Sleep Alng Side’ and album closer ‘Love Is This’ are other prime examples of the bands optimism; Lockharts lyrics joyously telling a story of the happy times of being deeply in love with someone - stories that we can (hopefully) all recognise and relate to. The optimism and bravery of this band should not go unrecognised – they are certainly not scared to experiment and switch things about, and this is highly commendable. However, the main problem with Senc To The Shaking is it’s very hard to get the nagging feeling out of the back of your mind that you’ve heard it all before. Let’s face it – there are hundreds of jangly indie-folk bands out there and there is nothing that Mi Mye do that hasn’t been tried and tested many times before. The lyrics do tell some lovely stories that do make you stop and fantasise about the happier times in our lives, and it’s easy to get carried away by this, but there’s also an issue with distinguishing each track from the next even after many listens. It doesn’t help that the first time you hear Lockhart’s voice you’re almost certain you’ve scrolled a bit too far through your iTunes and clicked on Noah and the Whale, to name one. Yes, they should be applauded for attempting a different twist on the occasionally monotonous nature of the bog standard indie-folk sound, but it’s incredibly difficult to see Senc To The Shaking making any kind of impact – there’s just too much out there that sounds the same. Photobucket