Back in the good old days, the term singer-songwriter was reserved for those amongst us that occupied a creative plain far beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals. But; since the dawn of this new decade we find ourselves in, its once highly esteemed reputation is being chucked at any man woman or child in the chart. It is therefore deeply refreshing to discover that Mike Wexler’s second full length album; Dispossession is here to rescue us all from the humdrum of the mass produced and the massively overrated who have been allowed to tarnish what was once a well respected genre. Being released through label Mexican Summer, the Brooklyn born singer strikes an elegant balance with his hauntingly mystified vocal range that creeps around the almost meditational invoking plucking of his acoustic guitar.

Despite being completely mellow and chilled, Dispossession still nods to the psychedelic feeling one can only imagine was prevalent during the 60s when bands such as Jefferson Airplane had grasped a whole generation of teenagers and introduced them to what it felt like to utterly lose yourself in music. 'Lens', is likely to provide a similar feeling to those of us who unfortunately grew up in a decade inhabited by the tail-end of the 90s Britpop movement, and the seemingly endless onslaught of manufactured boy-bands and girl-groups.

Second track 'Spectrum' is a remarkably artistic offering, bringing to mind memories that may or may not exist of walking through distant and far off lands on balmy summer’s nights, just simply wandering with no necessary aim or destination. This feeling forms part of the integral cohesive sound of the record and will leave you with a nostalgic warmth that remains etched into your psyche even after the music stops playing.