Milagres' debut album would sound a lot better if we hadn't heard it several times over already. It can quite easily be filed next to Wild Beasts and Grizzly Bear under indie-rock, but it's always going to be the poor relation. Nice enough to listen to I suppose and there is nothing wrong with it per se. In fact, it really is a rather good album. Each track builds up nicely, and although at times lead vocalist Kyle Wilson's lyrics are hard to make out, they sit nicely on the record.

The problems come when you inevitably think about those bands that Milagres draw comparisons with. They are not Grizzly Bear, and this is not a Veckatimest. You feel that Wild Beasts could make an album like this in their sleep. Both bands have moved this type of album on so much that it makes it very tricky for the new kid. That's not the fault of Milagres of course, and I would still much rather listen to this than an awful lot of albums.

My finger is always going to be itching towards that play button on Smother though.