Miles Kane is a hard boy to follow. He has moved from relatively small bands, such as The Little Flames, to the hotly tipped band of 2008 The Rascals, to the super duo that is The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner. And now indie mega god Noel Gallagher has collaborated with him! So is it a case of a boy who can't settle, a jack of all musical trades, or has he got something musically special to say for himself?

His new single, 'Come Closer', is 60s infused pop at its modern best. There is a clear line from The Last Shadow Puppets to this single, like he has found his genre and is utilising it, whether Turner is there or not. That is not necessarily a bad thing. His vocal performance is most definitely suited to this style. The Liverpudlian twang behind each line, coupled with the overall retro vibe from this track, brings associations of The Beatles and the Mersey Beat scene of the 1960s. Not that I am comparing Miles Kane to The Beatles, of course, or even saying that this track sounds like a Beatles track. It is merely the unconscious connection of the accent and music together. But I'm sure Kane would not mind such an association! He has obviously learnt a lot from his previous incarnations and band mates, as is evident with the vocal output of his new material. Rather more refined than previous efforts, he takes the spotlight without the need for over performed or forced sounds. It seems to fall more readily, with seemingly less production, showing confidence in his ability. The hushed tones within this track, both musical and vocal, play to Kane's new found strengths.

Musically, the track is a re-imagining of 60s pop for a modern age. It takes elements from this era, with its short, punchy songs and repetitive lyrics, but feels somewhat undone. Dirty guitar riffs and imperfect voice enrich the track and lift it beyond a straight forward pastiche. Add in a deep bass line throughout, highlighted during quiet moments, and the track is taken to another level. Its effect is almost indescribable. It is best explained as the type of song or beat from a seedy jazz bar. A dirty few notes in an otherwise innocent sound. Mix this with the repetition of the lyric "come closer" and you will see what I mean! It creates a musical piece that is far more complex than its first impressions as an accessible indie track. Each play gives something more, even if just a greater understanding of Kane's influences.

This thought-out track goes some way to explain his appeal within his genre. Considered guitar placements and a stand-out intro are more than enough to show that this boy has substance as well as style. The more effort that is put in, the more times it is listened to, the more is given back by this second solo single. Well, an indie god can't be wrong, can he?