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Miley Cyrus at the end of her courageous, but ultimately bad performance at the VMAs decided to let the world know that she was releasing a free album. A project that myself and others alike weren't exactly interested in hearing or were ever going to listen to in the first place. But, after a glance at the stout and star-studded credits, it appeared that Cyrus might be onto something. With the Flaming Lips and Mike Will Made-it on board, the chances of this project being as bad as it actually turned out to be were very low. Both are capable of making great music as we've seen on projects like The Soft Bulletin from The Flaming Lips and the Mike Will executive produced album Honest (along with many other songs and projects from both); it's well known that they are reputable in the music creation process.

Then there are the appearances from artists like Big Sean and Ariel Pink who at least released very good projects. But, even with the aforementioned talent in the mix, Cyrus still managed to deliver one of the blandest projects of the year. It's not as if Miley didn't put effort into it because she did, but the effort was spent trying to create an aesthetic that in her mind, for some reason, seems edgy. The whole hippy, marijuana-smoking image that she wants to portray just isn't something one would be intrigued by in 2015. The tone-deaf, and at this point irritating message that she beats you over the head with throughout the project is that she smokes weed and likes sex. So do a lot of people.

With themes like this at play, there has to be something memorable about your music for someone to want to give it a go, or even enjoy it. Cyrus isn't able to provide anything along those lines on this over-the-top and long-drawn-out project. It's a whole 92 minutes of absolutely cringe, mindless, and flat out bad lyricism and music. The album is a microcosm of the upbringing of a sheltered child that now wants to be seen as unconventional. The project isn't, and neither is Cyrus. The resulting effort is a complete mess of an already insipid project yelling to be accepted as otherwise.

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