The beauty of music is that there's a sound for any mood. Feeling angry? Put on some old school punk and pogo around the bedroom. Feeling sad? Wallow in some Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley or cheer yourself up with the greatest hits of Madness. Feeling like an outcast? Indulge yourself with the Smiths. Balcony Times, the debut album from Milk & Biscuits the collaborative Brighton based recording collective lead by Matthew Davis and Max Earle of Restlesslist, is perfect for when you're feeling stressed. Whether you're worried by the meltdown of the Euro or simply spun out by wrestling your way through the Christmas crowds whack Balcony Times on your iPod. You're transported to a simpler world where the sun is always shining, the wine (or the milk) is flowing and the biscuits are freshly baked.

Well you are if you skip the buzzy, headache inducing cacophony of the album's first track 'Jony's Grove', a track that could give the Dalai Lama a stress headache. After this incongruous start Balcony Times settles into a laid back, languorous groove so mellow it's almost comatose. The album's pacesetter is the mellifluous, meandering 'Rivers', a languid, summery track that conjures up lazy, hazy days by the river, hammocks, heat hazes and afternoon slumbers. 'Burnt Meadow' is even more laid back, it sounds like the Beach Boys on Xanax, while the equally relaxed 'Winter In Brasilia' recalls the light jazz inflected pop of The Pale Fountains. 'Trinidad' sounds like it was recorded through the window of a Port of Spain beach side cafe and the album concludes with the title track, another track that's so chilled it could single-handedly prevent global warming.

At 25 minutes long Balcony Times certainly doesn't out-stay its welcome. It floats into your life, lulls you into a state of serenity and then floats back out again. It's cheaper than a day in a spa, and twice as effective at relieving stress.