Label: Big Scary Monsters Records Release date: 25/10/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon There are a wealth of good bands that sound quite a lot like Modest Mouse, and I tend to enjoy the offerings of all of them. Maybe they hit a certain level of quality simply by sounding like Modest Mouse, or maybe a band has to be good to make music like this. Anyway, Mimas sound a fair amount like Modest Mouse, but it doesn't define their entire being as a band though, they sound distinct, coming in with their own more downbeat sound, but the comparison is evident. From my ground breaking levels of research I have discerned that Mimas are Danish, but also discovered that they consider themselves to be Post-Rock. While their songs do bubble up in a manner reminiscent of bands like Mogwai, they never really hit a level that feels quite as epic. This is not a criticism, but Mimas seem to happily exist in a world of what I would describe as textual indie-rock. This is not to say that Mimas, on Lifejackets, aren't musically interesting. Yes, they don't sound breathtakingly new, and their music is very reminiscent of the past decade, rather than paving the way of the new one, but they've interpreted their influences in a way beyond just apeing them. 'Rotting Rodents', along with a few other songs such as 'Touring the Riot Scene', bring in the aforementioned Post-Rock elements in an interesting way, the music builds up bubbling slowly, shifting in and out of focus. It's more Post-Indie Rock, lacking the cathartic guitars, and being composed in a simple manner, but it's still good. The crescendos it builds aren't entirely satisfactory, but they do hit at least some of the right buttons. The rest of Lifejackets continues in a strong fashion, it never really gets into any sort of gear, but atmospherically bumbles along in a pleasant sort of way. Guitars interlink over one another to create a textured and layered sound, and most songs build up from simply twangy beginnings to a full rich hum. In short, it's pretty good stuff. Perhaps lacking a bit of variety, feeling as if it stays stuck in pretty much the same rut throughout the album, but it's a pretty good rut to be stuck in so I'm not complaining. Snævar Njáll Albertsson doesn't have the best voice, and he hasn't written the most fantastic lyrics but they are all within acceptable values, and the band makes good use of choral singing and shout to create a unpolished, but real feel to the music. Lifejackets has a full and good sound, and is musically interesting. The fact they manage to both sound quite a lot like Modest Mouse, and bring in post rock elements demonstrates the fact that Mimas are a talented and diverse band. They aren't quite carving out a new musical path, but they've managed to collect and combine many others successfully in a way that makes Lifejackets a very enjoyable album. Photobucket