To launch the release of their new EP Off The Radio, Miniature Dinosaurs and friends took over Glasgow's Stereo for the night. Setting the tone of the evening was endor. They're usually a four-piece; this time however there are just two of them. The vocals are rich, warm and clear, and the melodies are beautiful and folksy. If they can sound this wonderful with just two guitars, imagine what it would sound like with a full band set-up! I for one will be keeping a very close eye on endor from now on.

In comparison to endor, Cancel The Astronauts are somewhat different, but in a good way. The Edinburgh five-piece are punchy, pacy and fun. The bassist looks a little bored and insists on hiding behind a pillar. Then again, bassists are renowned for being effortlessly cool. Maybe that explains it. The crowd absolutely love it, though they're a little reluctant to show it until the song ends. You can see them itching to dance, but they're holding back. Considering how good Cancel The Astronauts are, I don't really know why. Scottish crowds are known for being the most enthusiastic but for now, I just don't see it. Come on, Glasgow! Wake the hell up.

Male-female, house-rock duo Any Color Black look the part with two guitars and a laptop, and lots of strobe lights. The introduction is a little drawn out, but once they get going it's not that bad, really. Andy is actually a very good guitarist, but with all the lights, you would be forgiven for being distracted enough to not actually notice. Whilst for the most part the music is good, every now and again it just sounds like it's lumbering and plodding along with no clue of what it's doing or where it's going. Unfortunately, all Louise seems to bring is sex, attitude and off-key singing. To top things off, they insist on pulling faces at each other, which is a little off-putting/mildly amusing. The onstage flirting is a little dull, and after a while it's all very one-sided making Andy look like a lecherous old man. Apparently this is a winning combination with this crowd. I suspect they may have been blinded or even hypnotised by the flashing lights. As if to back this up, Louise's singing starts to resemble that of a tortured kitten. Someone help the poor thing, please. That said, with a bit of hard work Any Color Black could be amazing.

By the time Miniature Dinosaurs make their way onstage, the crowd have gone absolutely mental before a note has been played, even more so after lead vocalist Barry Maclean says "Let's do this!" before launching into the jaunty, cheery and pacy 'Write Back'. Of course, it's the launch of their Off The Radio EP and its first track of the evening is the catchy and fun 'Cold Shoulder'. 'Lightspeed' is a bouncy, infectious little number, and you can tell right away from the crowd's response that this is already a live favourite. Their last single, not found on either of their EPs to date, 'I Want To Watch Top Gear' goes down a storm, too.

'Fight or Flight' isn't exactly a new one, although it's certainly been tweaked and worked on in the last year or so and now it's a purely brilliant pop song. Miniature Dinosaurs make great pop music, plain and simple. They're good, yes, but most importantly, and unmistakably, they're just having fun. And it's the fun that evidently everyone in the room has picked up on; one look around and every face is beaming. They've certainly come on a long way over the past year, and if this is anything to go by, they've got a lot more to look forward to. Understandably, the crowd yell for more but they don't get it, maybe next time.

The following afternoon saw Miniature Dinosaurs play in the oddest venue, the Oxfam music shop on Glasgow's Byres Road. Of the three Oxfam stores, this one is definitely the smallest. Byres Road is home to some of the coolest places in the whole of Glasgow (I can highly recommend the ice cream shop 3 Steps To Heaven!) so it should be surprising that Miniature Dinosaurs were asked to play on a Sunday afternoon. In Oxfam. Only it is. Although a relatively new resident of Glasgow myself, and a regular visitor to Byres Road, I've never once seen anything like this at all anywhere in the city, so I wasn't about to miss the chance to see a great band, no matter where it was. On top of that is the fact that this was to be an acoustic set. Even the most well-known of bands almost never play acoustic sets so it was bound to be something special.

As expected, the turn out, compared to the gig at Stereo, is rather small. I;d be more disappointed if it wasn't for the fact that this Oxfam store really isn't very big at all, and would probably have been trashed within minutes. et up with the drum kit in the window, and the rest of the band crowded around underneath it, they've somehow managed to squeeze themselves and three guitars in a tiny corner of the store.

I'll admit to being a little sceptical at first and wondered just how they would fare acoustically, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. From the sounds of this, Miniature Dinosaurs could well become yet another Scottish band that everyone falls in love with.