Label: Skint Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Myspace “Room for another band with a mysterious, one-word, abstract name?” “Yeah, come on in! We’re expecting quite a few others round later. Um, shoes off, I’m afraid.” All expressionist angles, penetrating synths, and faces of glacial indifference, Mirrors are a Brighton four-piece who wish they were from East Germany circa 1980. For a band of such expected solemnity, ‘Hide & Seek’ is modestly euphoric and surprisingly upbeat. Electronic flourishes burst from the robotic verses yet it is never too proud to disguise its pop heart. B-side ‘Toe the Line’ is an exercise in Kraftwerkian precision, and, in keeping with their German heroes, full of dry, danceable funk. This is neuro-pop which knows exactly what it’s doing. Photobucket